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Back 2 Brace

Back 2 Brace Backle


Please pay attention: If the product has any problem, please contact us first

About the Product

Robust and Cosy
Provides firm and delicate posture, holds you up from slouching. Contrived of  featherweight breathable material with durable stitching. Offers extra long-lasting comfort and back-up. No matter, if you are sitting at work for hours or standing still at work, this tool suits any routine.
An Undetectable Outfit
Completely undetectable under clothing. Wear discretely and enjoy your new look. Works as an amazing outfit which enhances your personality while remaining an untold reality.
It is a versatile unisex solution best for correcting poor posture and refining your look.
Easy Care
Easy to use, wash, and last long.


Made of a soft, stretchy blend of neoprene, it is lined with cotton for comfort and fits discretely under clothing. Hand wash.


* If you receive the product and it has a smell, please do not worry. You can wash it. Let it dry for a week. The smell will disappear.

* Please wear it outside of your clothes, to prevent it from skin irritation.

* If you have any problem, please contact us.


Size Chart:
S Waist: 65 - 77 cm / 25.59 - 30.31 inch
M Waist: 77 - 88 cm / 30.31 - 34.65 inch
L Waist: 88 - 98 cm / 34.65 - 38.58 inch
XL Waist: 92 - 105 cm / 36.22 - 41.34 inch
2XL Waist: 110 - 120 cm / 43.31 - 47.24 inch
3XL Waist: 120 - 130 cm / 47.24 - 51.18 inch
4XL Waist: 130 - 140 cm / 51.18 - 55.12 inch